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About us

Flourish Healthcare agency in Nottingham, founded in 2024 look to provide health care at home (also known as Domiciliary Care), respite care, specialist care services and lifestyle support for disabled or individuals with learning difficulties. Here at Flourish Healthcare, we pride our self on our highly trained staff and vast experience to become one of the leading healthcare and home carer agencies in Nottingham. Flourish Healthcare holds the values of trust, quality, efficiency and respect at its core. The management of Flourish HealthCare is committed to working in partnership with both healthcare staff and healthcare providers alike to deliver a superior service that is professional, value-for-money, ethical and dignified.

We are a specialist healthcare Agency that provides healthcare to public and independent healthcare institutions, Care Homes , Nursing Homes and Private Individuals .We are proud to be a key support for all short and long term health care solutions to all our clients be it in the comfort of their homes or private or public institutions.

Whilst Flourish Healthcare is determined to grow rapidly in the home care agency services industry, as well as diversifying and expanding its expertise in other areas of care, and maintain its philosophy of quality and reliable health and home care for everyone. In terms of professional accreditations, Flourish Healthcare is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Mission Statement

 At Flourish we fulfil tailored institutional healthcare needs with experienced and highly motivated healthcare professionals and solutions. We adapt to our clients changing needs as well as changes in the market to make sure we are a business of growth and innovation, success and happiness. We want to be highly valued by the clients we serve, the communities in which we operate and our loyal and committed staff. To adapt to the dynamic world of recruitment by devoting ourselves to the satisfaction of our clients, candidates and staff.

Vision Values

Passion; Excellence; Commitment; Respect; Integrity. Our staffing compliment is driven by the Passion to perform their duties with Excellence through Commitment to their duty and Respect for their patients and colleagues, building Integrity for themselves and Flourish Healthcare Agency.

Our services

  1. Live-in care
  2. Domiciliary care
  3. Respite care
  4. Supported Living Service
  5. Elderly Care
  6. Dementia Care
  7. Palliative Home Care

Taking care of our workforce

Here at Flourish Healthcare we value our staff and make sure we provide all the support necessary for professionals delivering essential front line healthcare. We operate 24/7 which means we are always on hand to meet the needs and concerns of personnel with our experienced team of dedicated consultants.

Client confidence

We make sure all candidates are vetted, screened and monitored within a strict framework standard in line with NHS compliance guidelines. All staff are rigorously assessed for the healthcare environment in which they are about to commence work: their skills, qualifications and previous experience are expertly checked to ensure we provide high quality healthcare staff who will provide effective support in a busy healthcare environment.

Clients can be confident that at Flourish Healthcare we take great care to ensure staff are only offered roles that suit their ability and experience. At the very heart of Flourish Healthcare we pride ourselves on delivering quality healthcare professionals, at the very last minute, up and down Nottingham. Our staff are there when no one else can be.


Our carer training courses cover:

  1. Understand your role
  2. Your personal development
  3. Duty of care
  4. Equality and diversity
  5. Work in a person centred way
  6. Communication
  7. Privacy and dignity
  8. Fluids and nutrition
  9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
  10. Safeguarding adults
  11. Safeguarding children
  12. Basic life support
  13. Health and safety
  14. Handling information
  15. Infection prevention and control
  16. Moving & Handling
  17. Record & Report


At Flourish Seasons Care Agency, we offer 24-hour a day, 7 days a week service. We are here to help