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    Where independence meets compassionate support.

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    Passion, Excellence, Commitment, Respect, Integrity

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    Flourish Healthcare holds the values of trust, quality, efficiency and respect at its core.

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    Welcome to Flourish Seasons Care

    To Flourish Seasons Care Agency, an agency here to provide care and high-quality home care and provide high-quality emergency for care homes around Nottinghamshire

    Emergency Staff
    At Flourish Seasons, we have well-trained, experienced and reliable staff that fill in the gap when your staff are unavailable or if extra pairs of hands are needed. We are one phone call away, call us let’s take the fear of being short-staffed away from you.
    Domestic Services
    At Flourish Seasons, we understand that time is very crucial. A clean and organised environment will make it one step further in having a beautiful day. If you are not as mobile let’s make your space our priority.
    Experience Carer
    We have experienced staff trained in using manual handling equipment and dealing with people with special needs. Here are some training our staff are equipped with: •Medication •Moving handling •Health Safety •Patience •Safeguarding •Infection control •Fire safety •First aid •Mental health assessment •Food safety •Equality and diversity

    Professional Service

    Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering high-quality care that promotes independence and enhances your quality of life. Whether you require assistance with daily tasks, medication management, or personalised care, we are here to provide reliable and compassionate support.

    High Service Care

    With our unwavering dedication, we aim to empower you to lead a fulfilling life, ensuring you can easily and confidently navigate your day-to-day activities. Our team is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and genuine care needed to cater to your needs, fostering trust and security in every interaction.

    Why choose us?

    Live-in care

    Live-in care offers the invaluable support of a fully trained carer residing in the comfort of your own home, ensuring round-the-clock assistance tailored to your individual needs. At Flourish Seasons Care, we take pride in our ability to provide compassionate live-in carers who are dedicated to maintaining your comfort and independence within your familiar surroundings.

    Domiciliary Care

    Domiciliary care, also referred to as home care, offers essential support to individuals who wish to maintain their independence while residing in the comfort of their own homes. Flourish Seasons Care specializes in providing dedicated domiciliary carers who offer invaluable assistance through regular visits tailored to meet individual needs.

    Flourish Season Care Solutions for Large Organisations

    Save costs and manage all your staffing needs with Flourish Season Care Solutions.

    Respite Care

    Respite care offers temporary relief and support for caregivers, allowing them to take a break from their caregiving responsibilities while ensuring that their loved ones receive the necessary care and support. Flourish Seasons Care provides compassionate respite care services designed to give caregivers peace of mind and individuals in need of care the attention they deserve.

    4.Supported Living Service

    Supported living services offer individuals with disabilities or special needs the opportunity to live independently in a supportive and inclusive environment. Flourish Seasons Care is dedicated to providing comprehensive supported living services that empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives while receiving the assistance they need to thrive.

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    Good service, love and care

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    At Flourish Seasons Care Agency, we offer 24-hour a day, 7 days a week service. We are here to help